Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan May 9 to 15

Weekly Log May 9 – May 15


Monday, May 9

Day of rest. Still thinking I should be in the water on Mondays and that my volume is too low but when I look back I realize why I am so tired : ) 

Tuesday, May 10

PM: Great paddle with Ocean River. 1 hour in the OC6. Lots and lots of waves and some crazy currents. Really good to see all of that from above the water. It gets me thinking about different ways I may have to swim.

Wednesday, May 11

AM: 2.5km swim with Tyee. We did a train swim as part of the workout. I love the train. Drafting makes swimming so darn tootin easy.

PM: I was going to the lake to swim but opted to hook up with Tyee instead. One of my Special Olympic athletes went missing. It was very worrisome as it was all over the media. I was quite frightened for her. I wanted to be near home.

About half way through my workout I checked my phone and she had been found. Phewww…

4.5 km swim

Thursday, May 12

PM: Fun paddle in the OC6. It’s really nice out these days. I think the extra vitamin D is helping me. We played in some serious waves. 1 hour total.

Hit the pool right after for a 2km swim. 16 x 25 fly walkback sprints for the feature set. Held 19/20 throughout.

Friday, May 13

AM: 2.5km swim with Tyee. Very aerobic set. 400 + 4 x 100 repeated.  I had physio right after. We tried needles in my shoulder this time. Crossing my fins it works.

PM: Wee little ocean swim with my beautiful friends Pam. We hit the water atVCKC and then went under the Tilicum Street bridge and swam up toward the trestle. The water was an unbelievable 22C. I thought we had only swim 1km total but it turns out it was about 3km. That’s what happens when I’m with Pam. Too much fun and we lose track of distance and time.

Saturday, May 14

Good solid workout in the OC6. 2.3 hours. Some nice long pieces.

I wanted to swim at the lake after but my poor kayaker was burnt out from the OC workout, so I took him out for a hungry man brunch.

I spent the rest of the day working on greatbearswim.com. I told myself if I was not going to swim I had to do something useful, and I did. I finally launched the website!

Sunday, May 15

Really good swim at Thetis Lake. 4 swims, 1 kick, 2 swims, 1 kick for a total of 8 loops (12 km). My shoulder was done by the end though. I wanted to do more but I have to hold back for a bit. So hard……

A few other bits

I am quite worried about my shoulder. This little injury is hanging in quite nicely. I will start icing at night after I swim to keep the inflammation down.

MS Notes

I was very MSie on Sunday. Some days I can just feel the numbness working its way through my body. Not much I can do about it except monitor it, and not aggravate it.

Next Steps

  1. Next week is Nationals. I need to get my head in the game for that and figure out my training schedule while away. I would like to do some long swims at Point Claire.

  2. I need to figure out how to get more cold water swims in. The temperatures at Great Bear are rising but I am still worried about the possibility of 10C water.