Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan March 21 to 27

Weekly Log –March 21 to 27


Monday, March 21

Very tired. Went hope after work to lay down. I can feel my body is depleted and I can’t seem to eat fast enough to get what I need.

Tuesday, March 22

Still tired but not as hungry. A bit sore from the weekend but nothing major. Enjoying my day of rest.

Wednesday, March 23

AM: swim with Tyee. Moving, but not fast. It was a good swim though. 600, 400, 200 with 50s between.

PM: 45 Minute spin, 3.2k swim and one hour of weights (progressive load). Swim was 400s. Still not moving quickly, at least until 30 minutes in, then I was able to pick it up. The weights woke my body up. I felt great when I left.

Thursday, March 24

OK, this is not good. My body is falling apart. My nose is really runny and I am sore all over. No swimming for me tonight. I had to leave work at noon as I was deteriorating rapidly.

Friday, March 25

Early morning flight to Toronto for a Masters Swim Canada meeting over the weekend.

Saturday, March 26

All day meeting. I am very sick. I am coughing all the time and feel really weak. Skipped out on the team dinner and went to my hotel room to sleep. Worried about how I will get home feeling this way.

Sunday, March 27

Morning meeting with MSC, a quick lunch and then off to Montreal. I am still really sick but not as bad as last night. Rest was helpful.

A few other bits

Mom set up an air purifier and humidifier for me at my home away from home. I cancelled all social engagements so I can focus on getting better. I was hoping to swim at Pointe Claire while here but I am far too sick.

These are the times where I am afraid of what will happen with my MS if I don’t take care to get better.