Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan March 14 to 20

Weekly Log –March 14 to 20


Monday, March 7

Still humming and hawing about Monday workouts. I swam only 7 hours yesterday so thought I should workout today to make up for the 2 hours missed.  In the end I opted to go home and rest. It turns out it was a wise choice as I was exhausted.

Tuesday, March 8

Day 2 of rest. Learning to respect the need to recover.

Wednesday, March 9

I woke up half an hour early this morning. I don’t seem to be effected by the time zone change. Loving the light and the sound of the baby ducks outside my window in the morning.

3km morning swim with Tyee.  Lots of 400s. Started slow; ended fast. Felt great by the end.

Great, great, great workout at the Y in the evening. 45 minute spin, 3.5km swim and 1 hour of weights. We were 3 women in the lane for the swim, all similar in times. Very supportive and encouraging of one another. Lots of 150s and 200s. Good swim, great vibe. Weights was progressive load of 10 to 15 pds per set. I am able to lift more now. I will need to start thinking about when to begin to phase out the weight lifting.

Thursday, March 10

Vic Masters swim was great. Set of broken 200s. I was able to bring my time down on each by 3 seconds. Cough a lot. Looking forward to seeing my homeopath Friday to see if there is more I can do to minimize the cough.

Friday, March 11

No morning swim. Enjoying bed too much. Wanting to make sure I am ready for this weekend.

Evening swim with Tyee. Dexter coached. Lots of nifty drills. It was super fun and very helpful. Great way to go into the weekend. 1.5 to 2km swim.

Saturday, March 12

2 hour outrigger in the morning. Warm-up + 3 x 20 minutes + cool-down. Good steady paddling. Enjoyed being out on the water. We went to Clover point to see if the beached barge has been removed. Saw a few eagles and a very playful sea lion.

10km swim in the afternoon. 100m to 1km and back to 100m. Nice and steady. Lots of kick. 4 hours.

Sunday, March 13

9 hour swim. Not sure how much I swam as I stopped counting at one point. I was on my own from 9 to 10am then met up with Vic Masters for a sprint workout. Moved into 1km sets, did a bit of swimming with Aly and Ingrid (more fun stuff) and then 500s and then later met up with Mercury Rising for their workout. Definitely ramped up the speed for that one! Ended with a 500 and sets of 100s. I used a variety of food including bars, gel packs and bananas. The bananas were a great addition.  I was pooped at the end. MS showed up at the 8 hour mark.

A few other bits

I felt stronger this week then last, especially on Wednesday and then again on Saturday morning. I can also feel the energy build when I take time off.

My long swims are getting easier but swimming in the pool is getting harder. I am craving a good lake swim and hope to check things out soon. My plan is to start with shorter swims in the lake on Saturdays and eventually switch Sundays swim to the lake as well.

Food seems to be working well. One thing I know for certain is I need to eat light at the beginning. If I start with something heavy I feel nauseous.

My forearms went numb on Sunday after 8 hours in. May have been the pool was warm or could be from the volume over the weekend. Something to keep an eye on as things get longer.