Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan April 11 to 17

Weekly Log –April 11 to April 17


Monday, April 11

Tired. So Tired! I went home right after work and straight to bed.

Tuesday, April 12

Managed a 2km swim (20 x 100 @ 2) with Jill before coaching Special O and then a 2.5km swim with Vic masters. It was a nice mixed workout. Lots of 25s and then 3 sets of 50/100/150/100. Pace times were tough on the 100 and 150 but I was able to make it. Really worked the speed. Felt great after. It’s kind of interesting because many of my swims are long and slow. I often wonder how long I could manage the tighter pace ones if I pushed myself.

Wednesday, April 13

Morning swim with Tyee. Started with a few flag starts for open water then moved onto a steady set of 200 swim/100 kick for 1800. In the end we managed about 3km.

I have replaced evening spin with swim time at the Y. The goal is 3km on my own and 3km with the group so I am accustomed to the 3km swims at Thetis during the week. I was able to get through 2km (started late) and then 3km. The workout with the Y included a number of IM sets and some 400s.

Thursday, April 14

Great fly set with Vic Masters in the evening. 3 x 8 x 25 dropping 10 seconds every 20. Held 20 seconds throughout most of it. I need to work my kick a bit more.

Friday, April 15

No morning swim. Feeling weak. Was up in the middle of the night.

Great technique swim with Tyee in the evening. Did some work on kicking hard while swimming. It always feels so strange when I do this but apparently it looked fine. Swam about 2km total.

Saturday, April 16

I headed to Comox this weekend for the Special Olympics Regional Championships. I had about 30 athletes swimming! It was fabulous. They swam beautifully. Two of the women swam the 200 fly. Very inspiring.

Sunday, April 17

Second day of regionals. Lots of things to keep me inspired!

A few other bits

I am feeling a bit dehydrated these days. I need to be more aware of my water intake. I was part of a water club at work for quite some time. I moved location a week or so ago and no longer have a water cooler nearby. Convenience really does help so I have started a new water club in my new work space.

I keep having those nagging feelings that I am not doing enough but when I looked back at how much I swam this week without swimming on the weekend there was a sigh of relief. I also looked at the calendar and I still have some time to go to the swim. I want to be sure I do not burn out so I think the slow-down was good for me.

Next week I put my membership on hold with the YMCA so I can start training at Thetis! This is going to be great. I will miss my friends at the Y but the change will be good.

All good!