Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan January 25 to 31

Weekly Log – Jan 25 to 31


Monday, Jan 25

AM:   Tyee morning swim. First day back after being sick. Managed my breathing ok but still coughing quite a bit. Blowing my nose quite a bit.

            2 x (4 x 100) + 400 train for the main set.

PM:    YMCA time!

A really good 45 minute spin. I love it. I can play music really loud and zone out. Plus I get to watch things that go on on land.

1 hour swim (2.5 km). The pool was overly warm and triggered my MS so I swam slow.  I am learning to work through it.

1 hour weights. I lowered the amount a bit from the previous week just to be on the safe side.

Tuesday, Jan 26

PM:    Special O Coaching.

Wednesday, Jan 27

AM:    Tyee workout. Feeling rested. I am sleeping well. We did a 100 LC time trial near the beginning. I choose fly and convinced Maggie to join me. Shona jumped in and did an IM. My goal was to swim it legal. Nothing more. Swam it on 1:33. Did some 400 + 4x 100 down to 200 after that. Nice aerobic set. 2.5km total.

PM:    YMCA. 1 Hour spin, 3.2km swim, set of 12 x 100 swim/pull. 1 hour weights. Some good workouts.

Thursday, Jan 28

PM:    My cold/allergy has returned! Coughed all day. Things have moved from my nose to my throat. I swam with Vic Masters the first 15 minutes but just didn’t feel right. My head was hurting from coughing so I got out.

Friday, Jan 29

AM:   My cough is very bad and I am gasping for air. I clearly didn’t give myself enough time to recover and things have come back 10 fold. I have made the decision to retreat from exercise for a full week. Not an easy thing for me to do but I believe I must.

I send a note to my homeopath Lisa and she has suggested I start taking NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) and Agarikon (a BC Mushroom). Both of these are for the lungs.

I headed to the airport after work to meet up with 2 of the Special O athletes and bring them to Vancouver for a swim camp.

Saturday, Jan 30

AM:    Vancouver all day for the swim camp. I was on deck most of the day coaching. No cough.

Sunday, Jan 31

AM:    Vancouver all day for the swim camp. I was on deck most of the day coaching. Coaching is really so much harder than swimming. No cough.

            My cough returned when I returned home. Ugh. That is a really good indication that I have allergies, specifically dust, something I have suspected for a while. I am going to work on cleaning my environment at home (get a new mattress and pillows, sterilize my bedding, get an air purifier) and see if I can situate myself somewhere else at work. I am currently under a vent.

A few other bits

A lot going on this week outside of the pool. The decision to remove myself from everything was a tough one but I know it was the right thing to do. I just couldn’t see myself getting better. I am glad it happened early in the season. I have lots of time before the swim to get ready.  Lots of activity on the MS side this week – full on body numbness. Between the super warm pool and the coaching and chaperoning in Vancouver my body was not happy with me. I won’t be back in the water or at the gym until Saturday so I have lots of time to recover.