Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan February 1 to 7

Weekly Log – Feb 1 to 7


Monday, Feb 1 to Friday Feb 5

After a weekend in Vancouver of blissful breathing and no coughing I am back in Victoria coughing my lungs out again. Looks like I a combination of allergies and a cold – time to do a super dusting to get rid of the allergy part!

I am forced myself to take the week off. Last time I was ill I took 3 days and it clearly seems it was not enough as I am worse this time around. I really don’t like stopping but I can’t see myself getting better if don’t. I used the time to catch up on neglected chores at home (dusting) and some much needed sleep and reading.

One of my biggest worries when I take time off is that I will get into the habit of doing nothing and stay in that state.

Saturday, Feb 6

AM:    Blast from the past. Was in a fantastic 10km Ocean Canoe 12 race. It was my first time in the boat in over 9 months and my first time racing in over a year. Wow! It felt great. My paddle endurance has not suffered while I have been away. The two really neat things: 1) worked some different muscle groups in different ways and 2) the ocean is warming up; it’s almost time to jump back in.

Sunday, Feb 7

AM:    First day back in the pool! Giddy-up. Nice sprint set (fly) with Vic Masters. Swam 2.5km. I was tempted to swim more but I think I need to ease back into things. I am afraid of getting sick again.

A few other bits

No exercising is tough but I have to admit, I enjoyed the rest and the extra time with Ray. I think he really liked having me at home too.

Big worries around my fitness level dropping and weight gain.

For the most part I think my MS was ok. There were a few moments on Sunday in the pool but nothing that has me worried.