Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan January 18 to 24

Weekly Log – Jan 18 to 24


Monday, Jan 18

AM:   Opted out of practice. Very sore from yesterday’s 9 hour swim. I slept most of the night which is fantastic as I usually don’t sleep after big swims.  I did have bad dreams though.

            I took magsmart, dream release, Tylenol, my herbal tea and vitamineral earth before going to bed.

PM:    I was very hungry all day.

            Managed a solid 1 hour spin. My legs were quite sore but I kept at it.

            2.5 kilometer swim. Lots of 50s and kick. There was also a 4 x 75 fly @ 2:00. My goal was no one arms. I was quite pleased I was able to do it.

            45 minutes of weights.  Lightened the load from the previous week.

Tuesday, Jan 19

PM:    Coached Special O. They always motivate me. Cindy, one of the swimmers works so hard. She is determined to swim 200 fly.

Wednesday, Jan 20

AM:    Tyee Masters workout. Very crowded lanes. Navy Masters is swimming with us for a bit as their pool gets sorted out. They jumped in and took over the lanes leaving all of the Tyee swimmers at the end of the lanes. Didn’t talk to any of us. I felt like an outsider.

            Coach modified the workout to try to accommodate us all. Ended up doing 8 minutes of sprints, 8 minutes continuous and 8 minutes on land. By the end I had swum 1.5km. It was one of those workouts where sleep may have been the better option. Frustrating.

PM:    Nose was acting up again. It wouldn’t stop running all day. I went home hoping to get better.

Thursday, Jan 21

PM:    I did not go to work today. Feeling run down.

            Did the Vic Masters workout as I was already at the pool for Special O and thought it might feel good to get in the water. Swam about 2km. Fly sprits to help prep for the meet on the weekend. I need to get my legs and hips up more. I have developed a bit of a submarine style of swimming hoping that if I am dead tired during the 200 I can still make it through. It may not have been the wisest of choices.

Friday, Jan 22

AM:    Sick. Stayed home from work. Went to the doctor for blood tests to make sure that what ever I have is not major. Turns out it is likely allergies. My white blood cell count is a bit elevated.

            Spent the afternoon catching up on stuff I haven’t had time to do the past few weeks. I also started reading Ultra Performance: The Psychology Of Endurance Sports. I am trying to do more reading this year to help me prepare for the swim.

            At some point during the day I realized I would not be able to make it to the meet on the weekend. I was quite disappointed but also knew that going would not help me bet better faster, nor would I perform well. I will have to wait for the next meet.

Saturday, Jan 23

AM:    Stayed home. Read Ultra Performance: The Psychology Of Endurance Sports

Sunday, Jan 24

AM:    Stayed home. Read Ultra Performance: The Psychology Of Endurance Sports

A few other bits

It was a tough week. I don’t like being sick. But on the positive side it is better it’s now then later on in the season. I am worried about the sinus issue. Although I found things to manage it I really need to get rid of the problem.

Surprisingly no MS worries. I often find that when I am sick my MS flares up too. I am glad to report that I did not this time.