Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan January 11 to 17

Weekly Log – Jan 11 to 17



Monday, Jan 11

AM:   Opted to sleep in this morning. Not ready to get back in the pool after the weekends workouts. This will be my one miss of the week. My body is quite stressed.

PM:    YMCA workout. 45 minute spin, 2.5km swim + 1 hour of weights. The swim started out rough but once I relaxed and loosed up it was good. I am seeing Monday’s as a recovery swim day so kept it light.  I noticed I was breathing to one side a bit much.  I will need to get comfy with bilateral breathing when tired.

Tuesday, Jan 12

AM:    Today was my day off. I look forward to these. My nose is very stuffed again. I took some buckly’s this morning and am going to stop coffee for a while and drink the special cold relief tea Jill Yoneda gave me. I am also going to use some of the drops Niki Hughes gave me to put in my water.

            I need to get my blood tested!

I went home after work to rest, had a quick dinner and went to bed. My sleep was broken (7-9, 10 -3 and 3:30 to 5) but it is getting better.

Wednesday, Jan 13

AM:    Morning swim with Tyee. Very crowded lane today. Navy is visiting while their pool is being repaired.

            500 w/u

            8x 50 shark/kick

            12 x 50 2 fast/1 easy (did 25 fly 25 free on the fast)

            12 x 5o 1 fast/2 easy (did 50 fly on the fast)

            Am able to do 50 fly lc on :45 comfortably.

PM:    Stopped by my homeopath on the way and have a few new things to try to help build up my immune system.

            YMCA workout: 2km swim. Did a 200 fly on 3:25 at the end. This is my first in 2 years. I took it really slow as it was really about seeing if I could make it. I need to get comfortable with the event and can start ramping it up again. I will try it in Nanaimo.

            1 hour weights.

Thursday, Jan 14

PM:    Vic Masters. Cindy coached a sprit set. I worked on fly. I am trying to swim it as much as I can right now. It was a bit tough as I do not generally sprint fly and Cindy was challenging me to do this – which I think is really good for me. I need to engage my second kick and keep pushing forward. 2km swim

Friday, Jan 15

AM:    New coach today – Claudia. Nice aerobic set. 3 x 400 + (4 x 100) each time with a different time and toy. I was moving much quicker than usual, keeping up with Danelle. I am usually quite far behind her. I am not sure if it is because of a technique change (higher elbow under water) or a new supplement (Vitamineral Earth). Either way it was good and I need to do it more.

Saturday, Jan 16

AM:    I convinced myself to now swim and spend time with Ray but…. I made a deal with myself that I would have to swim both today’s and tomorrow’s workout tomorrow. Went out for breakfast and met up with Len Martel. He looks great!

Sunday, Jan 17

AM:    9 hour swim.  I started at about 9 am on my own and then did the Vic Masters set. It was a set of 400s. I really worked hard. Kicked that last one on 6:30. Great leg burn!

            Once Vic Masters was done I had completed about 7km.  I moved into very long sets of 4 x 1.5km, 4 x 1km and then 4 x 500 and then into sets of 250s and 100s for a grand total of 23km. I made sure to feed every 30 minutes using vega bars, gel, sprouted cookies, pre-workout drink, and electrolytes. I was ok up to about 20km but then had to really keep telling myself to keep going. My tummy was starting to get a bit upset and I was a bit dizzy.

            I was really happy I stuck to it and think that the 9 hour days may be better for me at this time then 4 hours + 5 hours over 2 days. I am finding 12km swims a bit too comfortable.  I learned a lot about me over the 9 hours and really had to push hard. I will speak to my coach Danielle about this.

A few other bits

My sleeping is much better. I am using dream release on the weekend and a herbal remedy during the week. I am really trying to eliminate caffeine from my diet.

My sinus is much better. I think I might have found a remedy that works! Crossing my fins as I would rather not wear a nose plug.  Mouth breathing only may disrupt my breathing pattern.

I think the only time I was concerned about my MS this week was when I ramped it up on the 400 set with Vic Masters – I often feel tingly when I really push – and then later in the day on the 23km swim. Once I get to a certain place where I am really having to fight to keep going little reminders that I have MS pop up.